Student Information System

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Garrett College is transitioning to a new system. This includes student and financial data. After Friday May 27th, the current system will be disabled for data entry. Students will be able to view data in the current system until June 6th. After June 6, the new system will not be online until approximately June 10th. You can continue to use this link and you will be redirected to the new site.

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To avoid being dropped from FALL classes, have your payment plans in place BEFORE the Payment Due Date!

Payment Due JUNE 20
Disenrollment for Non-Payment will occur on June 21


Summer Drop, Add & Refund Dates

Due to the short length of the semester, there is a very brief timeline for drop, add, and withdraw.

Most classes start Monday, June 20th and end August 18th.

For Standard Courses running the entire semester, the Last Day to Drop / Last Day for 100% Refund** is June 24. Courses that start/end on other dates have different refund dates; view your class schedule to see the dates specific to your classes.

**Student is obligated to pay all non-refundable fees and charges.